Jes Lee

day 87

Today was an awesome photo day.

I started photographing the exhibit at MCBA: New Work by the MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Mentorship Artists. It is always so inspiring and fun for me to be there, photograph the great work in their galleries, and be with all of the fun people that work and help out there. While I was there I bought a pound of Kozo fiber, to get myself started on the papermaking portion I have added to my project. Jeff, one of the great guys that works at MCBA kindly suggested that I use their papermaking wet studios there sometime to make it a little easier on myself. I suggest to many artist friends to use the facilities at the local art centers. It helps the art centers survive, and gives you great space to work. So, why don't I use those facilities? Why do I always try to do everything in my little tiny studio? Why don't I get out more and work with other artists? I'm really not that anti-social. Really, my only reason is that I honestly usually do my laundry and other little things like that while I am over at my studio. To go work somewhere else, I would have to give that up. I do think I will give that up for a day though to work on this. It will be easier, and easier to clean up after.

It was actually not frigid outside today, so after photographing the galleries, I walked along by the Mill City Ruins and the Stone Arch Bridge with my Mamiya for just a bit. It was so nice to just wander around with a camera again. I really miss that when the temps get so cold and you can't go outside. I tweeted earlier that it is amazing how theraputic it can be to have one camera and one roll of film and have time to put them to use. It did wonders for my mood today.

Tonight John and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their free Third Thursday night. The music was good, the 'Art Carts' were fun, and the Louvre exhibit was pretty cool. 

It has been a while since I have had a day that seemed like that much fun while still being productive. 

I hope this continues!

Until tomorrow,