Jes Lee

deadlines and schedules

Yesterday seemed like most of what I did was run around from place to place trying to collect the parts I needed for one job. Somehow I managed to get all of the pieces into one place. I am so grateful for the co-op storage space at MCBA and being able to leave things there that I don’t need/have room for in my studio at home.

I had a chance to talk to a couple of friends while I was there. A lot of what we talked about was structure. Being an artist is my ‘dream job’ but it is also a hard job to have. You have deadlines, and a constant amount of work, but you set your own schedule. Sometimes that is really hard…it is so easy to say you are ‘working from home’ and instead end up watching tv or reading a book and before you know it, the work day is over.

So, in an effort to be more a bit more productive in a creative way, I am starting to set a bit of a schedule for myself.

Monday mornings: catch up on emails, website things, check entry deadlines for the week, printing/scanning.

Monday afternoons: work at MCBA on photos for MCBA or my own work.

Tuesday mornings: catch up on emails, website things, entries, printing/scanning.

Tuesday noon and later: darkroom time and pottery.

Thursdays: computer work – entries, scanning, printing, creating, posting, etc.

There are times, I’m sure, when I will stray away from this schedule a bit, and that is ok. Having a structure will still help me. I’m already on track for today.

I did take a photo for yesterday, but it has not been scanned or journaled yet. Look for it soon!