By Jes • Uncategorized • 31 Mar 2010

This week I put together 51 frames. All of them need to be filled with artwork for my show at Bloomington. They are all stacked according to size, so I can start making the prints to go in them. 

I have printed proofs of all of the compilations I have made. There are 43 so far. I have been sorting, and editing, taking out and putting back in, loving and hating all of them.

I have been writing as well. Trying to create more texts to add to images, and loving and hating all of that in turn.

I am immensely grateful to be given the opportunity to create this project, for it to have an audience. It is amazing!

There are times though, when all of this feel so overwhelming, and the immensity of the amount of work that will be in this show seems so great that I feel like I will never finish it on time. 

One day at a time is the most I can do.

Thankfully with Easter this weekend, I will get at least an extra 1/2 day to work on this. I take every minute I am given.

Until next time,