Jes Lee

Eight years

Eight years ago was a Tuesday.
Not many people get married on a Tuesday. It can be a perfectly fine day of the week to get married though. And when the military is making it so you don’t know what to expect next, well, then Tuesday is a perfect day to get married. Besides, we both had later classes on Wednesdays, so we could sleep in a bit longer after all of that celebrating.
Eight years ago I wasn’t nervous about getting married. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t have cold feet. I didn’t have a wedding dress (I was still saving up and picking out the dress I really wanted for the wedding ceremony I knew would eventually happen!). We didn’t have a photographer, just family members with cameras. We knew we loved each other, and that was pretty much the only thing that was important.Looking back, I can’t believe how young we were!I’m pretty certain all three of these photographs were scanned in from prints. Digital cameras just weren’t that great of a thing back then! The two black and white ones are from our engagement photos, taken by my friend Heather Fine with her Hasselblad! She still does amazing photography ( though I’m not sure how much of her portrait work she still does with film ;)
The last photo is us, on our wedding day, newly hitched, happy as can be, ready to face anything.
I love you John! Happy anniversary! :)