Jes Lee

Film 365 – Day 15: January 5, 2014

january 5 small

I really wish this photo was not so blurry….

january 5 small


But that is what I get for trying to take a photo in a dark theater, with only 400 speed film (I could have pushed it!!) while people were walking back and forth past me (hello vibrations!) with no tripod…

(I really have learned!)

Oh well.

We took my parents on our annual outing to see the British Arrow Awards at the Walker Art Center. It was so cold out that day, I did not want to bring my Hasselblad out, so this was taken with my 35mm Nikon FG-20. My father-in-law gave me that camera years ago (he used it for many years before) and I really enjoy it (though I do hate scanning 35mm negatives).

Ilford 400 film developed in Ilfosol 3.

f2.8 1/30 shutter speed (might have been 1/15).