Jes Lee


I had planned on blogging today. Really I did. It is my mom’s birthday and it seemed like it would be a good day to blog about all of the amazing stuff that has been happening.
Waking up to the news reports and photos of horrible earthquakes and tsunami’s in my favorite country kind of changed things. It makes all the bad stuff seem so insignificant, and the good stuff seem even more amazing and so very fragile all at the same time.
March has been an up and down month already. Many birthdays (happy birthday mom and dad and Jeanne!), cool art things, weird life things, sad anniversaries, and unexpected deaths. Makes me wonder what the rest of the month might have in store.
So, for now, I’m going to ponder this month, this day especially, and watch the snow that keeps changing from sleet to snow and back again (I’m still not completely sick of the snow! Really! I know everyone else is, so I’m mostly just keeping that to myself). There will be more posted soon, I promise.
Until next time,

*sending love and prayers to Japan*