Jes Lee

Inspirational blog posts part 1

There are times when I am a bit obsessed with Google Reader. In it I can categorize, read, keep track of, and share so many blogs and so many beautiful posts.

Then, there are times when I don’t have time to check it for a week and when I finally get around to it, discover that I now have 1000 unread blog postings that I have subscribed to, plus another 500 posts that my friends I am connected with have shared with me. Around that time I generally run away screaming to hide somewhere in a little overwhelmed heap.

Occasionally, when I do have the chance to read through my subscriptions, I do find amongst all the fluff and cooking blogs, (there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with cooking blogs!!) something that really makes me stop and think. When that happens, I’m going to try and link to it here, because maybe you need it too, or maybe I just need a better way to bookmark it and find it again.

Last week I found this blog post by Susannah Conway. She teaches some pretty awesome sounding photo workshops online called Unravelling. I think that someday I’d like to take one of her workshops….

She posted this blog about ‘letting go’ and it seriously made me cry. I needed so badly to read something like that that particular day. Reading it again now makes me a little weepy still, because I still need to hear it. I think I always will for one reason or another, but I’m getting better, little by little.

Life is Letting Go ~