Jes Lee

It is true…

Old wasp nest

…I have officially entered the denial level of procrastination.

The point where so many deadlines (many of them very very exciting that I can hopefully share with you officially on Thursday) and so many to-do’s are piling up, that I start spacing out on everything. And looking at Pinterest. And pinning more recipes. And deciding I should, in fact, try making some of my own beauty products.

All the while the deadlines keep sitting in the corner.

Glaring at me.

Right along with the clean laundry that hasn’t been folded yet.

So I am playing along with this 12 by 12 project that is going through Flickr and Twitter. Every month, there is a new photo challenge posted. You participate, and upload your photos to Flickr or Instagram or wherever you like, and share them. This month’s challenge was to photograph a path you walk often, taking a photo every 100 steps or so. I wanted to do a bunch of film photos for this challenge. For all of them really, but this is the first one. But, with working, and being sick, that just didn’t happen. But, one Saturday at work, I did get out my iPhone as I was walking the halls, locking things up for the day. I played with one of my favorite little film filters, the one that “mimics” the color wet plate print look. It was fun, and picked up my spirits that day.

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Until next time~~~