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Japan and other ramblings

Ever since the earthquake in Japan, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about it, about friends there, about the places we visited. John and I are donating what we can to the Red Cross, and we are preparing a box, which thanks to some great people at both of our workplaces, will be stuffed full of socks to send to the Socks for Japan drive Jason Kelly started. Along with all of that, through April 14th, 50% of the proceeds from anything sold in either one of my shops (Etsy and BigCartel) will be donated to help Japan, along with anything else John and I can send their way. I have to do something to help…Japan has been my favorite place to travel to so far, and the images from that trip has inspired so much artwork. (**There are inklings we may be going back there for a visit in 2013 with some friends! That makes me so happy!**)

Osaka dreams at night – a mashup of a photo taken in downtown Osaka, and a photo taken in Dotombori.

I am continuing to work at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Last week I took a class taught by Jana Pullman where we learned how to make a Drumleaf binding. I have so many ideas for using this little binding with my photographs. Of course, sitting in class and thinking of how many things I could use a binding like this for, and how many books I want to make, I had a little twinge of guilt, realizing I have said this same thing to myself for many years, but yet as much as I enjoy making books, I haven’t made a lot of them outside of classes. Well, this year, my dears, will be different. I have plans to actually make some of these books that have been floating around in my head. In fact, in August of 2012, I will have a show in the Co-op gallery at MCBA. I have decided that show will include a series of books. You have it here in writing. It will get my butt moving on something new as well! 

Speaking of books, for anyone wondering, I still have plans on making that book of photos from our trip to Japan. A friend has offered to help me with the printing of it……..and yes…..I’m pretty sure I’ll be smart and take her up on it and not just print and bind it all on my own……..though it would look really good in that drumleaf binding I just learned……Anyway! You should check out said friend’s web comic! It is awesome! She will be at the anime convention in Chicago in May this year. John and I are going to see her there, and spend a wonderful anniversary weekend wandering Chicago! We are both looking forward to a little adventure!

In the mean time, the weather is finally warming up a bit (ok, not really, but I’m trying to be positive!) and pretty soon I’ll stop wheezing every time I step outside (again, being positive!) and there will be many adventures with many more friends. I truly am going to try and post more often. Starting in April I am going to start another 365 project (not sure what camera I will use yet….any suggestions are very welcome!) and along with that will come many more regular posts, so not all of them will have to be this long! Thanks for reading!

Until next time,