Just a little “Squee-ing”

By Jes • Uncategorized • 20 Oct 2011

I have had about 8 different blog posts planned out.

You may see some of them eventually.

In the mean time, this little bit of brain-gear-stripping news trumps those posts.

Yesterday when I went into MCBA's shop to buy more paper (I think I may now be purchasing more film and paper than food) I found out from Flora (she is awesome and works in the shop a lot) that one of my books was purchased by the Hennepin County Library curator for their collection!!

This is awesome because:
1. I never knew the Hennepin County Library had a collection of artist books. They do. Apparently quite a large one. I believe you need to make an appointment to see it, but I am not positive. There will be details posted on that as soon as I get them!

2. Someone purchased one of my books!!

3. It is just awesome!

Thank you for allowing me that little moment of "Squee-ing"  with excitement over this. I am now going to go back to creating artwork for all of the other events that are coming up that require my attention. There will be more posting here too. I also may actually get some images of my book up on my website soon as well.

One last little note:
Yes, I did re-design my blog a bit. Any comments are very welcome. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but overall, this is how it will be for awhile. Changes to my Big Cartel shop page are coming soon. Eventually, my webmaster may find a smidge of time and work on some awesome changes I have planned for my website. I hate nagging him. (It wouldn't hurt though, my dear readers, if you were to feel inclined to send him a short email saying "hey, you should work on Jes' website!" or something like that. I won't post his email address here, most of you know it already I'm sure).

Until next time,

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