Jes Lee

Leaving on vacation!!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a long weekend in Chicago! We are planning on having a fun, free, un-planned (at least mostly!) weekend together to celebrate our anniversary! (7 years from our second wedding, for those of you who know the story) There will be many blog posts and photo updates from this weekend. 

There are so many exciting things happening this summer, both in my art life and my personal life (not that they are really that separate, but at times they are). I’m looking forward to this summer. I wish I could elaborate more, but the truth is, we are leaving early in the morning, and I’m anxious to be on vacation! 

In the mean time, a few photos:

Did you know that bunnies like dandelions??

There are so many tree-flowers out right now!

And a little 365 posting:

May 12th

Cell phone 365 #39

May 13th

Cell phone 365 #40

May 14th

Cell phone 365 #41

Instant 365 #40

May 15th

Instant 365 #41

May 16th

Cell phone 365 #42

May 17th

Cell phone 365 #43

Instant 365 #43

May 18th

Instant 365 #44

Until next time,