Jes Lee

‘List it Tuesday’ a bit belated


I still created a list for Artsyville’s ‘List it Tuesday’ feature, even though I haven’t had time to post it until now. Ironically, the list it subject this week was ‘small comforts’ and this week I found myself using almost all of the comforts on my list.


On Tuesday, sitting in my last of 3 meetings for the day, I realized I had many of those comforts with me. Ironic?

Markers, chocolate milk, fancy pen, Nerds, need I say more??

Tonight, after a long day of waitressing, and setting up for and manning the booth at our last holiday art/craft festival of the year, I would add these things to my list:

– my sweetie making a BLT sandwich for me when I come home, no matter how late I am
– having a beer with said BLT’s
– having someone really like my artwork that doesn’t always sell at these festivals (we always sell the pottery, and I’m all for that! I love that people enjoy that! But it is really cool when someone loves my photographs as well…)
– having friends stop by a festival to say hi…they don’t have to buy anything! Just seeing a friendly face that isn’t judging my display/vision/pricing/packaging is awesome and I appreciate all who stop by! (Or send me friendly little text messages/online messages when they can’t make it!)
– having time at the booth to talk with my mom and dad when they are there to help. Seriously, it feels like it isn’t often I get to talk to them outside of the restaurant they own!
– how soft and fluffy my bed feels at the end of the day, especially when I know that alarm will be all too early in the morning….

Good night! Hopefully I’ll be blogging a bit more frequently next week!

Our booth at No Coast Craft -O- Rama!