Long days

By Jes • Uncategorized • 30 Dec 2010

The days seem really long when there isn’t much you can do except sit at home and try to feel healthy again.

Today I am starting to feel a little better, but progress is still slow. I’m just hoping to be much closer to normal tomorrow so I can celebrate New Year’s Eve properly with friends!
I’ve learned a lot more about coding, and adjusted quite a few things on my website and blog site (some of those changes will take effect much later after my web guru looks them over). While it took me almost all day to make what seems like only a few design changes, things that would have taken others with more knowledge a fraction of the time to do, I’m pretty proud of myself! There is something awesome about taking charge and learning what you need to do to make things the way you want, whether it is painting your home yourself, developing your own film, printing your own pictures, or in my case today, hacking away at my own website.
I got a box of film in the mail from The Impossible Project (www.theimpossibleproject.com) yesterday…yes, I know, I have a film buying addiction…but the purpose of the order was to buy some Spectra film to see if the little camera I picked up at the thrift store for $5 works. The good news – it does!


It has been a very rainy, dreary December day out today, and I honestly didn’t mind not leaving the house today. I’m looking forward to spending this evening inside as well, curling up with a book of poetry I have the honor of previewing, and getting more rest for tomorrow.

Until next time

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