Jes Lee

Love and a little shameless self promotion

2014-01-06 11.46.57

It is beginning to sink in how much I love this new role in life of being an artist.

Only an artist.

Feeling like I have a bit more brain space again, time to plan, apply, create.

Having actual time for a hobby.

Feeling happy, and happy with the work I am doing…which I must get back to.

But first! A tiny bit of shameless self promotion to remind you that I do indeed have an Etsy shop where I sell all of the things I am creating. It is full of cards and prints currently. I have so much more that will be added soon.  Also, for pottery fans, here is a link to the pottery shop I work on with my dad!

And, this is my studio today. I’m so happy to be working here!

2014-01-06 11.46.57