Jes Lee


2013-04-12 21.07.02

Perhaps more prose than poem today, more story than anything else, but I am posting it anyway.

2013-04-12 21.07.02


Digital knew her human
wouldn’t come to her world.
Her human wasn’t that type of person,
the type to code a life in Digital World
and live there.
Her human stayed in Real World,
and used only a few of the benefits
from Digital World.
Her organizational services were a good example of this.

Since her human wouldn’t come to her,
she had to resort to following her human
as best she could
when there was a signal,
when her human took a photo,
released a geo tag into the world.
She hoped that her human would
one day understand
and join her in Digital World.

She made her human little trinkets of their travels,
maps to go with photos,
boxes decorated with Real World memories,
little photo books…
She couldn’t exactly make them herself,
but in Digital World it was quite easy
to find a human willing to help
construct something in Real World.

Her human could never understand
that she was behind
these little trinkets showing up,
that they came from her.
This made her even more lonely.