Jes Lee

May days come and go

It surprised me this morning that May is already gone, and we are into June and well on our way to summer. 

John and I celebrated our anniversary just over a week ago. It has been 6 years since our second wedding ceremony…

The wedding ceremony after he got back from overseas where we actually had time to plan it to be like we wanted. 


John's hands – taken with PX100 first flush instant film

We celebrated by spending a whole day together, doing fun, normal little things, and being outside a lot. It isn't often it is this nice and warm here in May. Recently we have had a few more long days like that to spend together. It has been wonderful. He helps center me more than he will ever know.

Bike tires – taken with PX100 first flush film

Sometimes you need days like that to remember why you are working so hard on something….

remember what you are working towards.

Expired Polaroid Blue 100 peel apart film

Sometimes you also need people to remind you to take a break and have fun before summer is gone.

Splash – taken with a point-and-shoot digital Pentax camera that is waterproof

I feel like I am ready for June. I have more of a plan. 

Thank you to everyone who has reminded me what I'm doing, that it is ok to get a little extra sleep, that it is ok to leave more of my cameras at my studio (which makes biking easier!), that I still need to give myself time off once in awhile, and that it is ok to go back to taking pictures just for fun.

Happy summer!