More Mondays

By Jes • Uncategorized • 16 Jan 2012

Mondays are studio days. Mondays are made for checking things off of lists, and then creating new lists. This Monday was no different, and that is good!

The books I am working on are coming along quite well. I admit to being a bit stuck on the ‘Summer’ book, but it will come eventually. The others are in various stages of binding. It is getting there.

Today I worked a little more on my list of images and frames for my show in March. I do get a little panicked sometimes when I realize how close this show really is, and how much is still left to be done. But I don’t stay that way for very long. I know I will get there. I know I will get the work done. I know that I have gotten farther than I expected in the last couple of weeks. I know it will work.

Today was no different.

On Sunday I had the chance to hang out with friends at the Art Shanty Project in their Shantyquarian letterpress shanty. It was so much fun! If you have a chance to go see the Art Shanty Project this year, please do! It is one of the best years in my opinion. There are so many fun things to do! (And for my friends with children, it is kid friendly!) I posted some photos of the day on Flickr. These are just photos I took with my iPhone so far. Film photos to come soon!

Until next time,