My way

By Jes • Uncategorized • 14 Jun 2012

If I could have it my way today I would be walking barefoot through the neighborhood streets in the rain with a camera (probably two or three) being part of the storm.

But instead I am curled up on the couch with my laptop next to a wide open window, listening and working away. Maybe there will be some storm artwork made today anyway. At least the bunny doesn’t seem to mind this set up.

Funny little note on the topic of laptops. Of course Apple has released new laptops, and of course there have been loads of discussions here about getting me a new laptop. The latest decision? To try upgrading my laptop one last time. I love my beat-up kind-of-clunky laptop. Probably most of all because Mr. FN¬†bought it for me and it was delivered one day when I was really sick and I haven’t forgotten how amazing that day felt then. Sometimes sentimentality trumps everything.

Updates on the Flickr stream coming today! Nothing up as of the time of this post, but it will be later, so check back.