New work

Now that my work for my show has been dropped off, I am moving on to the next items to work on.

The next show I have coming up will feature more printing and book work, so I am experimenting printing on different types of paper. Today I tried a couple of prints on a Japanese mulberry paper. I have actually made some of this paper by hand before, and I love it! You can print with an ink jet printer on it without doing anything special. Thankfully, you can also buy it from many art supply stores in many sizes. I would love to make all of my own paper for prints, but I think I would be working on that for a long time!

Quite awhile ago I started making two leather journals, one for Mr. FN and one for myself. They got set aside as I got busy with work for this show. The other night he asked me when I was going to work on them some more so he could have a different journal to use at work. What an excellent idea! So these are on my to-do list for today. The next step is rounding the spines and I need to use a piece of equipment at MCBA for that. Since I will be there tonight being a studio monitor, it is the perfect time to work on that!

I have also been trying a bit of food photography. My food allergies have gotten quite bad again, and I have found myself making a lot of my own food at home. So, to make it a little bit more fun I have been taking photos of what I am making. It has been good practice! The lighting in my kitchen is not the best, so I have had to find ways to compensate, etc. I may eventually blog about a few of the recipes I have been trying, but in the mean time, I’ll be collecting the photos on my Flickr account here.

Also on my list today is to get more pottery done for the holiday sales! I think that will be a very relaxing task this afternoon.