November 1st


The past week was one of those completely heart wrenching weeks that leaves you so emotionally exhausted you feel like a zombie just wandering through. It really doesn’t look like this week will be a whole lot better. But, this is life, and must be dealt with. I have decided I need a bit more downtime, but not necessarily at night. This morning I was up early and did 1/2 an hour of Wii Fit before I started working. It felt really awesome! I would really like to keep it up for awhile…as long as the morning thing lasts with me.

I feel like November is going to be a pretty big month. I have plans of all sorts brewing in my head. More on that tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m starting my first 365 project, and posting the photos here. All of these will be taken with my cell phone. I have plans for an instant 365 project, but that will come a bit later.

Good night!