Jes Lee


Some days it is easy to forget the reason why you decided to do something in the first place. If you are lucky, you remember that reason before the event is over. I guess I was one of those lucky ones today!

Mr. FN and I had a chance to go see the Back to the 50’s car show today. It was his first time seeing it, and we had a ton of fun! There will be many photos coming soon (when I manage to finish off a couple of rolls of film!)

Tomorrow is a long day-job type day. When I think about the next project I want to accomplish, I often worry about these long days, wondering how I will fit one more thing into them. But I know somehow it will work out. If I’m lucky tomorrow, I’ll have a chance to go buy a few supplies for this next project. It is always a great day when you can sneak in a little visit to your favorite art supply store….or just your favorite store ;)