Jes Lee



Sometimes when you are so frustrated you can’t think straight, when you are fed up and worn down and nothing can possibly go right anymore, sometimes you need to just get out of the house. Today it ended up what I needed most was to pedal faster than my mind could think. After a week that was so completely emotionally draining, having the ability to pedal as hard and as fast as I could, until my legs were screaming and my arms were pink from the wind, to be able to finally bring my physical exahistion up to where my mental and emotional exhaustion were was what I finally needed. (To give you an idea, we biked to my Grandpa’s house, helped him move some furniure, biked around Long Lake park and back home down Long Lake road, and we were still back home within an hour of leaving home in the first place.) Now I need to do my infusion and sleep. Tomorrow will be much better.