Sleeping? What is that?

Sleeping? What is that?

Today has been awesome. We went to the Northeast Farmer’s Market where we got strawberries!! (see photo below) I love farmer’s market strawberries! I always buy as many as I can possibly afford and freeze them for smoothies during the long winter months when fruit is soooo expensive here. We also stopped by a friend’s garage sale where I picked up two Nitty Gritty Dirt Band record sets for a grand total of $1! Yeah, it was a nostalgic purchase really. When I was young I would fall asleep almost every night listening to a NGDB cassette tape. I believe I knew all the words to Mr. Bojangles by the age of 5…that’s normal right? (note: no, I do not yet own a record player, but Mr. FN promises me there is one coming for my birthday!)

Really. It is weird going through a day knowing that you aren’t going to sleep at all until sometime the next day. It is constantly on your mind…”I should sleep now because I won’t sleep tonight…I should do this and not that because I won’t sleep tonight…”


I honestly haven’t had a super hard time with that today because I did this last year (kind-of) and I know that once the night starts, the adrenaline starts going, and I hardly notice what time it is. Of course last year I did get to go to a few different places instead of staying in one spot all night, and I did go home around 3am…this year I will be at MCBA until at least 6am (probably later with clean up). I’m excited though! It will be so much fun! If you are Instagram, follow me (Moonsweetie) or follow me on Twitter! I’ll try to post updates all night long!

Of course life doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to just stay up all night and get away with it…and of course our awesome real estate agent called to say there is a showing scheduled for tomorrow… This is good news really! It is great that someone else is interested in looking at our place! And thankfully we were given enough notice to do a little last-minute cleaning tonight, and will have enough time to come home in the morning, take a cat nap, and head out with the bunny. Life is never dull around here!

My camera bag is packed, my batteries are charged, and I have a few granola bars and cans of diet coke stashed for tonight. I promise to give you a full report of it soon!

Yay Northern Spark!

Strawberries!!! The awesome first-of-the-season-organic-kind!