Jes Lee

Snow days


We finally got snow! It started late Saturday and continued until late Sunday. We had somewhere around 12 inches dropped on us of glorious, fluffy white snow. Yeah, it isn’t easy to drive in, and in fact it still seems to take forever to get anywhere right now. But, it is beautiful. I love these kind of snow storms, where it just covers everything all at once. When you can look out into the back yard and just seem smooth white. I got out of work very early on Sunday (we closed early for the snow!!) and after Mr. FN and I made a quick run to the store to pick up a few essentials (including sleds!) we went home and watched the snow pile up while we decorated our Christmas tree. Eventually we couldn’t stand not being outside anymore and went for a walk around our neighborhood. It was beautiful!

Our neighbors behind us have a Little Free Library! And with the blue lights, it is the sweetest little library I have seen! I’m planning on going out there with a few books to contribute…and maybe find a new book to read very soon!

Normally I would be working on a ‘List it Tuesday’ post right now. The topic this week over at Artsyville is ‘What is in your junk drawer’. I adore this topic! Sadly…I don’t have a junk drawer! For those of you that may not know, Mr. FN and I have our little two bedroom condo on the market. Which means everything must be clean, everything must have a space. Everything is so organized (to a point…) and put in certain places so I can find it when I need it, that I don’t have room for a junk drawer. Trust me, this is on my list of things I would like at our new place….as soon as we sell this place ;)

Other little updates from around here:

* No Coast Craft -O- Rama was awesome!

* I found my canvas coating goop! (Seriously, this was a search that took roughly 3 weeks between home and my studio…)

* I am now half way finished with one photo job, completely finished with one custom art print job, and I may finally have an idea for that Sketchbook Project that is due in a month….

* today I worked on that photo job I mentioned before, finished some pottery that I started last week, and took care of Mr. FN who was home sick from work.

* and I took pictures of snow. Because I am still amazed by it.

Off to bed to curl up and read for a bit. It is an early work day tomorrow.