Jes Lee

Sometimes it doesn’t hit until later

Sometimes it doesn’t hit you until later, much later in the day, when you are biking somewhere, to-do lists swimming in your brain waves, that a comment, kind of a flippant comment, a comment full of sarcasm at the time it was said referencing something funny or ironic

sometimes it hits you much later what those little comments really mean

what they really stand for

“He said, ‘It sounded like there were mortars going off’ and I laughed to myself, thinking ‘you don’t know what mortars really sound like’, you don’t know what something really sounds like until you can sleep through it.”

It makes you want to get your butt back on your bike and peddle home as fast as humanly possible.

It makes you grateful and sad and angry and thankful and in love more than you ever thought possible all at once.

These are the days that I wish I could make all the wrongs in the world better and I realize that I can’t, that it isn’t humanly possible, but I can try, as hard as I can.