Jes Lee

Still swimming

Things keep moving over here.

There has been work to do getting our home ready for another showing this weekend, we have been planning for an end of summer road trip, and I have been adjusting my diet again to accommodate my allergies. Not everything gets to be fun, right?

But everything keeps moving right along, and I still can’t complain about this summer. I have had extra time to read, many photo outings already with the promise of more to come, lots of patio time with friends, lots of pool time, and thank to my Year of 30 journal project, I have had more time in my darkroom than previously.

Tuesday I spent many hours in the darkroom, developing the first roll of black and white film from this project, and creating prints for my journal…in fact they are updated in the gallery if you want to look.

July 17, 2012

A darkroom, and red lights, on blue film.

July 18, 2012

Books to read…and yes, there is an e-reader in that stack…


July 19, 2012

Evening…it just looked so peaceful outside…

So we keep going, and keep moving, and I will keep being grateful that there is still quite a bit of summer left….not just because I have a big show coming up in October that I need to do a bit more work for….there is a pretty awesome description of the show up here! I like how they describe my work! (and yes, the first time I saw a description for this show, that I am one of two artists in, was when I searched for a link to it for this post.)

I’m still swimming…..