Jes Lee

Story time

When I was around 8 years old, my Granny had gotten a glass apple filled with liquid and gold flakes as a gift. Unfortunately, the seal was broken, and the apple leaked. One afternoon when I was hanging out with her (i.e. both my parent's were working) she told me that she had found where the apple was made, and we were going to go there and see if they could fix it. 

So off we went to Goldenflow Studio in NE Minneapolis. They were a bit surprised to see us, but quickly replaced her apple with a new one, and offered us a tour of the studio, including where they were blowing glass.

It was that day that I decided I wanted to be an artist.

I mean, here were all these people, listening to loud music, laughing, and making really awesome things. It looked like a blast, and quite possibly the most perfect job in the world to an 8 year old. 

So, I've realized since then that while being an artist is a totally awesome thing to be, it sometimes isn't your only job, and it sometimes isn't fun (like when there is framing involved), but it is awesome to create things and do something that makes you happy.

A few years ago when John and I were shopping around Art-a-Whirl looking for some new things to decorate our condo with, we came across Goldenflow's space. I knew I had to have one of their little gold baubles, and we picked out one we both liked.

Last week, when I was trying out the Impossible Project's new instant film, I shot this…

A snapshot of the little gold pyramid we still have out in our living room.

In a way it reminds me why I do what I do, and reminds me of that day when I decided what I wanted to be. 

Until next time,