Summer days

By Jes • Uncategorized • 10 Jun 2010

It really isn't summer yet. It feels like it though. The weather has been gorgeous, which of course makes it all the harder to stay inside working!

I've managed quite a bit of discipline though. Most of the images for my show in September are printed, the editing and framing process is definitely underway. A large part of what I am working on now is writing more dialogues that will be included with some of the images. Kind-of daunting, but I'm looking forward to working with my old printing press and mixing ink colors again. 

I have simplified since one of my last posts. Instead of carrying all of my cameras with me, I have actually left quite a few at my studio, and am carrying just a few small toy cameras with me for fun. It emphasized the fact for me that right now I am not shooting new things for this project, just looking for inspirations elsewhere in life. It reminds me that I need to play and have fun. 

The work doesn't seem quite so daunting anymore. Now if only I could concentrate on writing just a bit more!

It is hard with all of that sunshine!

Random street finds

Ice cream trips

Many bike rides

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