Sunny Sunday

It is Sunday, and I thankfully have the day off of work.

I need to do laundry. I need to run some errands. But here I am, on the couch, updating my blog from my smart phone because my laptop is on the other side of the room. Yes, that is my day today.

But last night…Northern Spark! Let’s re-cap a bit shall we?

Northern Spark is this epic overnight art festival in Minneapolis that goes from sundown to sun up one weekend a year. This is year number two. Minnesota Center for Book Arts had a huge event as part of Northern Spark that consisted of four parts: a sound installation in the galleries, independent performance pieces done by participants (we had instruction cards for people), a letterpress project (each participant rolled a set of special dice that determined what press they would go to, and how they would fold their paper for that press. Each visited a total of four presses, creating a unique layered letterpress print they got to take home) and a photo documentation/projection piece. The photo documentation was what I was involved in. I was in charge of setting up the documenting stations so participants could bring their pieces to be photographed. The images were then projected on the windows of MCBA’s galleries so people on the inside could see what other people had created, and people walking past outside could get a little taste of what was going on inside. It was epic! I have no idea how many people came through, but the letterpress studio was quite crowded most of the night. Things started winding down around 4am….then a group of about 20 more came through!

We cleaned presses, got the galleries back to normal and headed home. I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise, and back in bed by 6:15.

I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep before we had to be up and ready for the condo to be shown. I am so grateful that the people who scheduled the appointment actually came, and that we could hang out on my mom and dad’s couch for awhile today. I’m not planning on doing much else today! I survived, but I am already looking forward to sleeping all night tonight!

Would I do it all over again?? Oh yeah!!