Jes Lee

Thank you!!

Thank you so much to everyone who me frame photos, put wire on frames, wrap and box, and inventory! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me, listened, and offered advice! Thank you so very much to the great people at Bloomington Art Center for asking me to have my work there and for all of the promotion of my show! Thank you specifically to Rachel, the exhibition director, who hung up all of my work and made it all look so nice on the walls! Thank you to those who came to the opening, making it such an amazingly special night, and thank you to those who sent messages of encouragement when you couldn't make it, or asked about it later – all of you mean so much to me! Thank you to those who bought pieces from my show – I'm stunned! 

I am still so amazed that everything came together like it did, and so grateful to all of the people that helped make it happen.

This isn't the end though! My husband is working on programming a new website for me, specifically for this project. I know that it will be very very awesome. I will post here as soon as it is up. I am very hopeful that this show will travel a bit, morph to include new pieces, and new stories. You never know the journey artwork will take. Perhaps this project will turn into new subject matter and a new series. I can't predict yet, but I am excited about the future!

In the mean time, I am hoping to take a few classes, and try a few new things. I will keep blogging, so stay tuned here!

I will also be teaching at Bloomington Art Center – a little class on how to take better pictures. It will be great fun! You can find all of that info here.

There were a few sweet little photo shoots I did recently that I didn't have a chance to blog about while I was working on the final prep for my show.

The first was a small family photo shoot of Kevin, Jennie, and Sam at their church. I always have so much fun photographing them! 

Sam never seems to mind letting me take her picture.

They are such a sweet family, and they always make me smile!

It never stops amazing me the journey from this:

to this:

A couple of great friends, Kevin and Lindsey, welcomed their little daughter Miri into the world this month! 

At 10 days old….

She is precious! Also, she holds the record as the first baby to roll over for me from tummy to back during a photo shoot! I believe she will grow up to be a bit of an over achiever after watching that! I am excited to watch her grow.

More photo shoots are planned for this fall, more workshops, more vacations with cameras….

the future is bright! 

Until next time,