Last week I got the sweetest email from Van who was kind enough to purchase quite a few of my cards at the MInnesota Center for Book Arts Festival in November. Her email and her project have blown me away! 

This is her tumbler blog:

She is sending a thank you a day to someone. When you think about it, how often do you send the thank you cards you mean to send? How often do you actually tell someone they made a difference in some way to you? I’m betting it isn’t often enough. I know I’m guilty of that. I think she has an awesome idea, and I hope that it inspires more people to take the time to say thanks. 

I am honored that she has used some of my cards in her project:
and seeing all of this has inspired me to send out a few thank you notes to people that have helped me along the way and gave me opportunities to show my work. Thank you Van for the inspiration!!

There are tons of cards out there made by local artists. You don’t have too look far to find them, and they will be grateful you chose them! I am selling many cards in my shop: and it won’t take you long I’m sure to browse through Etsy ( or the Big Cartel ( store directory to find more! 

Until next time,