There are no weather related posts on this blog….

….ok, there may be if you scour the archives. I honestly don’t know, and honestly this one has already mentioned the weather now, so I guess that doesn’t matter! I know it is possible to be depressed about a lack of sunshine but can you be depressed from a lack of snow? After hearing so many people talking about our crazy warm weather here, and how the snow will be melting all over again, I have a serious case of the blahs. Funny though, someone invented these cool ear buds to help with depression due to a lack of light, I wonder what anyone could do for depression due to a lack of snow and cold? Perhaps I should go stick my earbuds in the freezer….

In other non-weather news, I have work hanging on the walls at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts right this very second! I was measuring and nailing for a couple of hours yesterday. More artwork by a few other great artists is going up today. Overall, I think it will be a very interesting show – interesting in a good way! All of the artists involved are members of BLCA and won first place in their art medium category in the 2010 Members Show. We all have very very different work, and each one of us concentrates on a different medium. Because of that, the content of the show is all over the map! It is really cool!

Today, I am having a studio day at home, trying to work out the bugs from my ‘Winter’ book. Currently, I am working on re-writing the text for the book, and then will move on to the part of adjusting the page layouts and re-printing. Hopefully I’ll be able to kick these blahs and get some work done! (Yoga and a little piano time has helped…an avocado sandwich later may help more…)

Until next time,