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By Jes • Uncategorized • 30 Nov 2011

I have a new plan for this little blog, as well as new plan for my website.

First: there is a new design coming for my website. Yes, the redesign has started, and you will notice a few things (specifically the background) look a lot different than they did a couple of months ago. But there is more work to be done both with the pages you see and what goes on behind the scenes. I’m hoping that all of these changes will be coming to you in less than a month…but I am relying on a pretty great webmaster to help me with these changes, and he needs some time.

Second, as of January 2012, I will be closing my online photo shops…Etsy and BigCartel temporarily. I am not sure how long this will last. The reality is, I sell 100% more at the art festivals and other places I display my artwork than I do online. I’m not complaining about that! I just can’t justify the fees of keeping an online shop open, when the shop itself is not covering any portion of those fees. So, I’ll be running little promotions through the month of December (follow me on Twitter if you are interested!) and then will be taking my shop offline in January. Hopefully, I will find a more affordable solution soon, and will be able to have an online shop again, but in the mean time, this is what needs to happen.

Third, I have never been a big one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do actually have a few for this year, and a few of them affect you, my dear readers! The plan is to implement them immediately, but I’m giving myself a little leeway, and saying they are resolutions for the new year.

Resolution #1: Try some different film developers! Seriously, in all of my years as a darkroom girl, I have used D-76 and Ilfosol 3. I know I’m missing out on many great developers! I just need to spend the money on them and try! So this year, I shall, and the results will be posted…

…which leads to….

Resolution #2: I will post more here! I’m going to try to post daily, but I realize there will be times when that doesn’t happen. But I’m going to try! There will be more personal posts, yes, but there will also be many more art posts in general….about things that come through my Twitter feed, things I hear from other artists, things I am applying for, things I am day-dreaming about, etc. 

Resolution #3: to do a 365 project. Really. I have tried at least 3 times now, and haven’t made it more than a few months. My friend Cate on the other hand has a knack for keeping them going. In fact, I think she has one that has been on going for 3 years now! I’m going to make it 1 year. This, I will start on December 22nd. (That date will be explained later for those of you who might not know it’s significance.) It will be a cell phone 365 – nothing against film at all. I just realize I need to relax my own rules and give myself a little easier start on this one. 

So, that’s it. Just me deciding to take charge of my site, be a little more vocal here, and get back to expiramenting. I think 2012 will be a great year….I think 2011 will end well too.

Until next time,


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