Jes Lee


Tomorrow evening is the reception for the Anoka Ramsey Community College Photo Alumni show.  I have four pieces in the show.  Two are pieces I have shown before.  Two are pieces I worked my butt off to finish in time to be displayed.  All four mean a lot to me and have many bits of my memories and my heart in them.  I know it sounds sappy, but it is true.  This is why I make art.  The reality is that I don’t sell much of it, and instead use my skills to do other work for people to make enough money to buy the supplies I need to make more art.  I make it because I have to.  There is something inside that calls on me to create and keep creating.  When I think I have flushed out one idea completely and can’t make anything more around it, a new idea comes and I keep going, making new things.  It is a circular process.  A long process.  A process that takes so much of my energy, my brain space, and my time.  And I love being a part of it!