Jes Lee

Where am I?

Once again I'm way overdue for posting here….

I haven't said much here for awhile. Mostly because I haven't had much to post about except being overwhelmed with little details….

And I refuse to let this turn into a blog of whining….

This is what I have been seeing the most of lately. Working to finish prints for the show at Gallery 122 that opens in less than two weeks. This week I will be working on framing the pieces just as soon as my glass cutters come in the mail….

It has been a long time since I've spent most of the day outside taking pictures. I keep hoping to remedy that, but something is always un-cooperative. That isn't to say I haven't been taking pictures. They are just a bit more sparse right now. Monday marks the beginning of 'Roid Week on Flickr. That always means a fun time with quite a bit of inspiration. I'll be posting more photos then.

The rest of the time, my mind has been very scattered lately. I have plans for making a new pinhole camera (I swear this one will work!…unlike many of the others….) and I have two more toy cameras coming in the mail. I've been trying to write more dialogues to put on a few prints for my show at Bloomington, and I've been trying out the new instant PX100 film (results of that to be posted later).

I saw part of Wing Young Huie's University Avenue project this weekend. There is a lot more of it to see, and I'm going to enjoy going back to it many times over the summer to see all of it. I was lucky enough to take a workshop of his last summer while he was working on this, and got to see some of it in it's early stages. I don't know how to describe it. To say it is powerful doesn't do it justice. The number of people and organizations involved in this is astounding. To see the prints in person is incredible! 

In his workshop, he worked on teaching us how to record the details of a place. Most specifically to record the people in these places, and how to walk up to people and ask to take their picture (or not ask and just take the picture anyway). The workshop lasted 3 days. I honestly didn't take many photos of people. It isn't normally my thing. But I took a few. And when I look back on those, I like them. I'm taking a few more now. Not so much where I go up to random people on the street and ask to photograph them. But I take more photos of the people around me. My friends. My family. A way of documenting. I did more of this when we were in Hawaii. It is something I'm trying to keep up. 

I took this photo of him during the workshop. It was during our last day of shooting. We were out on University Avenue. He was going to do some shooting as well, gathering more material for his project. For the record, no I didn't ask if I could take this photo. I just took it. I think over 1/2 of the students took a photo of him standing like that talking to us. 

Where is this all going?

I'm not really sure. 

I've been realizing that there are more people in the images in my project than I realized. I guess they kind of snuck in. The train conductors in Japan, friends in Hawaii, my husband. I think my granny was the first person I deliberately put in one of my compilations a few years ago. I have scans of so many old photos of her. 

It is the old photos that tell the strangest stories though. 

Does film in general tell more of a story than digital photos do? Or does it have more to do with the print? The final image made with the negative – digital or film? Do the creases and stains on a print add more to the story? Are stories analog? As usual, there are more questions than answers. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Until next time,