Where does it all go?

By Jes • Uncategorized • 19 Jul 2011

Time. Money. Summer. Yeah, all the fun things fly past. I think that is the way it is supposed to be though … the whole ‘live hard and fast’ mentality. I have been doing that lately, in between bouts of taking it very very easy. Lately I have been getting artwork ready to show in a group exhibition in August, trying to get a piece ready to submit to the State Fair, making plans with friends, working on a new logo and website look for my aunt, working on more poetry videos, trying to write some poetry myself, designing new greeting cards and prints, applying for more festivals this fall, and spending a bit of time in my aunt’s pool. It really has been a great summer. Hotter than most, but I don’t mind that too much. That just gives me more reason to get my work done early in the day, and spend the later half somewhere cool.
Today, it is hot and rainy. (The rain is really the only part I strongly dislike about this hot weather, simply because after the rain, it smells like hot worms outside. I seriously can’t stand that. I was traumatized by a 5th grade teacher who had a huge fish tank with big fish that the boys fed worms to. Traumatized.) I have zip for energy today for some reason, so I’m trying to be a little more kind to myself and take it easy. Mostly I am going through artwork from previous shows and seeing what is no longer worth having framed so I can reuse the frames. Beyond that I’ll do a little bit of pottery, and a little bit of coating mylar with india ink so I can make some scratch negatives. Just a quiet little art day.

Some of you who follow this blog will notice that I am on Instagram now and that I post all of my Instagram photos here. I apologize if this bothers you. I do this because I trust Posterous’ terms of service much more than many other places. Plus, I like keeping things neat and in one place. Please don’t think that all I will be doing is posting photos like that here though. There will be updates! I promise!

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