Jes Lee

Where to next?

I can't say the past week was the most productive I have had since starting work on pulling this project together. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. 

The past week of course contained Christmas and the crazy amount of work and festivities that go along with it. I gave up blogging for the week because something had to give. 

Having a week off was nice. I still played a little bit, taking photos when I was drawn to it, but I wasn't constantly working. The break was very welcome. 

After an unexpected heart-to-heart talk with my husband, I have come to the decision that I am no longer going to be blogging about this project 5 times a week. It helped me get going, it helped keep me on track, and hopefully helped some people know exactly what I am thinking about and doing as I work on this show. Now, I have reached the point where I need to be a bit more elusive. I need to keep working on it, but not every day. The things I have to work out will take a lot longer time to work out. I will still post about what I am doing and thinking at least once a week, quite often more, but it won't be every day. I'm not sad about this at all! I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it up to day 90! It did really help me! Now, I think not worrying so much about blogging, and just working will help me more. 

I hope that all makes sense.

This past week brought a ton of snow here! Personally, I love it! I love seeing the snow stuck to tree branches, I love how still everything looks, how smooth it looks at night, and how it reflects the lights around it. 

When the snow started, I took a couple photos from my deck. 

I follow moominsean on Twitter. Last week he posted on his blog about peeling peel-apart polaroids backwards. It makes the edges look much more raw, and quite a bit more interesting. I tried it with these two polaroids. I didn't crop the image down, so you can actually see the edges. It is a technique I think I'm going to keep trying. It also is making me think about what exactly I can do with the space that is left on the polaroid between the image and the edge. Writing of some type perhaps?? Stamping? Distressing? We'll see where that goes.

Thank you for all of the kind comments many of you have left for me during my 90 days of blogging 5 days a week! I hope you'll keep it up even when I'm not posting as often!

Until next time,