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My focus has been split across many things lately. Not only the art festival a couple of weekends ago (which was amazing and I am truly amazed by all the love and support we found there!) but by putting together class schedule (darkroom class schedules!), figuring out what needs to be done for upcoming shows, scheduling more upcoming shows, deciding what photo competitions I can afford to enter, and many many other things. The last week has been a huge game of catch up. Honestly, there is no way I can complain though. I love having so many ‘art jobs’ to think about!

I am looking forward to being caught up a bit more now, and be able to focus on making more artwork. It is coming! I promise! I have even done a bit of research in printing on paper that can easily be bound into books, and finding new black and white and color film developing chemicals!

Just before Craftstravaganza, the awesome people at MCBA offered to let me use my photography skills towards gaining volunteer hours, which help pay for my co-op membership. I’m ecstatic! It is always thrilling when something you love to do helps pay for another thing you love to do! I have been enjoying continuing in the Book Arts Certificate program, and just realized that I could be done with the Core program this fall!
My husband and I are coming up on our wedding anniversary for our second wedding. We’ll be celebrating 7 years for this one. To celebrate, we are heading to Chicago for a long weekend. I’m looking forward to the chance to relax and hang out together without other distractions, to take pictures of a different city for a few days, and to celebrate being married to an awesome guy!
I’m sure I’ll blog again before we go, but in the mean time, here is a little photo catch up:

May 5th

Instant 365 #35
Rocks at the prairie restoration site in New Brighton.

Cell phone 365 #34


At the prairie restoration site…yes, it is in the middle of a parking lot.

May 6th

Instant 365 #36
Not sure what happened this day….

Cell phone 365 #35
….apparently I just disappeared creatively….

May 7th
Instant 365 #36
Suburbia, not far from where our condo is.

Cell phone 365 #35


At one of the cathedrals for my cousin’s confirmation ceremony.

May 8th

Instant 365 #37
I tried to take a photo of the flowers starting to bloom at the restaurant with expired black and white 600 polaroid film, but they didn’t come out.

Cell phone 365 #36


Dead tired after working a busy mother’s day at the restaurant.

May 9th

Instant 365 #37
My favorite new pillow!

Cell phone 365 #37


A new hat!

May 10th

Instant 365 #38
Flowers in the window at a NE Minneapolis restaurant

Cell phone 365 #38


Watching the thunderstorms start.

May 11th
Instant 365 #39
On the side of the building of one of my favorite stores.

Cell phone 365 #39

Until next time,