Work in progress and questions

I’ve been brainstorming a lot lately about work to add to my project for BAC. There are many things swimming through my head right now for me to sort out.

For you, anyone who happens to be reading this can help me out by replying and answering this question:

When you hear someone talking about ‘The Wired’ or ‘The Web (or interwebs)’ or ‘Being plugged in’ what do you think of visually?

Really, this isn’t as complicated as I suppose it can sound. Perhaps you think of an outlet with a cord plugged in. Perhaps you think of power lines stretching through a city. There are no wrong answers. I’m just curious.

Thank you in advance!

For your troubles, here is a peek at a work in progress I started the last week of April. This is still odd for me; I don’t usually show things until I know they are done. But, this could be a fun habit.

Work in progress. Compilation of two pictures I took in Japan. Created April, 2009


I have a goal of making a new blog post each week. Keep checking back!