Wow what a day!

Today I tried something. I kept myself offline. You know what? It worked! I got a ton of work done today, and because of that I get an almost free day tomorrow to do some much needed work in my darkroom. Seriously, you would think it wouldn’t take me almost 30 years to figure this stuff out, but I guess it does.

So this is my week of work! I am staying off of my chat program and dear old Twitter and Facebook during the day this week (though I may give myself a break on Wednesday since I’ll be working my day job most of the day anyway!) – I am excited to see what I will accomplish! So far I have gotten a lot of photo processing done, as well as finishing up a few jobs for MCBA. It feels so good to finally get a few things off of my plate and be able to do a bit of creative work again! I did catch myself writing snarky little one sentence updates in my notebook today though…I think I missed Twitter a bit much! Ha!

Moving on. My dear Mr. FN is working his way towards a husband-of-the-year award! Really. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post he made me a collapsible light box. I had a chance to try it out today while I was taking photos at MCBA. Woah! That makes such a difference! It is amazing! We are going to work on some finishing touches together (muslin instead of tissue paper, clamps instead of tape, etc.) but it already works like a charm!

– my little set up at MCBA today –

He also thoroughly spoiled me tonight by taking me out and purchasing a new little laptop! The decision was made after figuring out that my little-engine-that-could laptop was at least 5 years old (along with a few odd problems he couldn’t figure out). So off we went to get my new little side kick I’m typing this on! It is so speedy!! I wasn’t going to buy a new laptop until my old one truly kicked the bucket, so this was a shocker today! Now to get it all set up….

And on we go. I miss hanging out with friends online all day (you know who you are!), but I love everything I am accomplishing this week. My experiment has so far been a success! I’ll be back to chatting next week though ;)

Stay tuned! Hopefully tomorrow there will be a darkroom photo update!

Also, film developed! I’m so glad I had a chance to drop this off at West Photo today to be developed. Now to get it scanned in and posted….

Today I am feeling in a much better place with upcoming shows and projects that are due way too soon. I’m trying to keep on top of them all. I don’t want this to turn into another crazy busy summer that disappears before I have a chance to enjoy it. I’m finally off to bed. Good night dear friends! I’ll update more tomorrow evening.