Yes, I am up late again….

….but it has been a good day. A good weekend really. Friday was packed full and exhausting, but still a decent day. Saturday was full of teaching and working another art festival, but it was also full of conversations with a lot of amazing, fun people which always inspires me.

Today, I received an email from one of my photo class students…a class I admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled to teach this month. Tho student emailed to say thanks for the class and to show me two photos she took over the weekend…they were awesome! She was enjoying her camera and what she had learned to do with it, and I am thrilled for her, and grateful for her email, and humbled. This job and this class really isn’t so bad. Yes, it will have its difficulties, and the students I won’t always connect with, but it also has moments like this, and this is awesome. I hope there can be more like this.

After falling asleep on the couch three times on Saturday and finally going to bed early and then sleeping for 10 hours (!) I finally had a day of feeling better and much more like a functioning human being. I had a great, relaxing day with my husband cleaning out closets and doing a bit of shopping. Monday is a new day an a new week and will be filled with photo processing, friends, and a re-check appointment with my immunologist. We’ll see what new plans she has for me this time around.

Until next time,