Jes Lee

Day 25

Today, my goal was to just keep working.

There are a lot of expectations and deadlines that are coming up right now, and I wanted a day to just chip away at as many as possible. I never get as much done as I want to, but I always seem to think things will go faster than they really do.

I did accomplish quite a bit though.

All of my negatives are scanned in. 

Zain's pictures are done and a link has been sent to his mom :) 

Zain is the little, cutie-pie son of a very sweet friend and her cool husband. 'Little Guy' as I will always call him, made a very dramatic entrance into the world, but he seems to be settling in now. I was very happy to get to take photos of him, and I hope to keep it up as he grows!

I finished about 15 prints (out of the 130 I need!) for a project that is due towards the end of October. It will be part of a publication being put together by Minnesota Center for Book Arts and I am working hard to be a part of it! The publication will go along with their exhibit None of the Above that is in their galleries now. If you can, you really need to see it. It is great!

I also scanned in for you two photos I took on Saturday with my new camera. I got a ND filter for over the lens, so the exposures come out right during the day time.

They are not at all the best photos I've taken, but I'm getting the hang of this medium. It is challenging in different ways than film. I really like it!

Until tomorrow…