Jes Lee

At the end of the day

Today didn’t go much like I planned it to, but few days ever really do.
Today had a lot of ups and downs, and gave me a lot of time to think and in the end be veey very grateful for where I am. Awhile ago on Twitter I used to post every night 5 things I was grateful for from that day. I’m thinking tonight I should start that again, and that it should be posted here.

~I am grateful that John is home with me tonight.
~I am grateful that we have a place to live with solid insulated walls when hearing the wind outside.
~I am grateful that I have a car and didn’t have to bike today, even though I was originally planning on it.
~I am grateful for the chances I am getting to exhibit my artwork.
~I am grateful to be surrounded by people I love, and busy doing work I enjoy!

Until next time,


Eight years

Eight years ago was a Tuesday.
Not many people get married on a Tuesday. It can be a perfectly fine day of the week to get married though. And when the military is making it so you don’t know what to expect next, well, then Tuesday is a perfect day to get married. Besides, we both had later classes on Wednesdays, so we could sleep in a bit longer after all of that celebrating.
Eight years ago I wasn’t nervous about getting married. I wasn’t scared. I didn’t have cold feet. I didn’t have a wedding dress (I was still saving up and picking out the dress I really wanted for the wedding ceremony I knew would eventually happen!). We didn’t have a photographer, just family members with cameras. We knew we loved each other, and that was pretty much the only thing that was important.Looking back, I can’t believe how young we were!I’m pretty certain all three of these photographs were scanned in from prints. Digital cameras just weren’t that great of a thing back then! The two black and white ones are from our engagement photos, taken by my friend Heather Fine with her Hasselblad! She still does amazing photography ( though I’m not sure how much of her portrait work she still does with film ;)
The last photo is us, on our wedding day, newly hitched, happy as can be, ready to face anything.
I love you John! Happy anniversary! :)

School visits


How do you get a bunch of art students to stop working in the studios and come to a meeting to discuss their future and graduation? Offer free food :)
A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to go back to Anoka Ramsey and chat with the up and coming Associate of Fine Arts degree students. It was fun chatting with them, discussing what decisions they were making, what decisions I made, and basically remembering when I was in that spot, and thinking about how far I have come. Looking back, I wouldn’t do anything any differently.

I’m still here…

I'm still here. 

After weeks of working like mad on my show, 

and a couple more weeks of running to catch up on everything I had shoved to the background.

Whether I wanted it to be or not, this week has been about rest, and healing.

Being grounded once again.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit foggy.

Today feels much less cloudy.

So what is next? 

The list is actually quite long, and includes plenty of work around our home too…there are a few things that are starting to demand attention here, but they aren't as fun to discuss. My web guru and I are discussing changes to my website and my blog (good changes that may encourage me to blog more often again!), I have plans for a monthly newsletter, I'm teaching classes, and picking out classes I want to take…

…and most importantly to me, I'm taking pictures again. After some time off while I was busy framing pieces for my show, I've been shooting film again, and have quite the stock pile to develop and scan in. New images will be posted soon, and who knows what they will lead to!

The leaves are changing colors, though we have not gotten the cold weather yet like we usually expect. It is perfect for the family photo sessions I have coming up today and tomorrow, and for the friend's wedding taking place today. I think I'll pretty much have my camera in my hands all day today.

Last night we spent the evening with friends, celebrating fall, and the finishing of projects at their house. The weather was perfect for a bonfire, and we had a wonderfully fun night! It was a great night to pause, catch up with friends, relax and catch your breath, and then jump back into everything the next day.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until next time,