Jes Lee

New obsessions:

~ the prairie
~ prairie restoration projects
~ instant film (ok, not really new, but I have recently had a bit more luck with it, which is re-newing my interest/obsession)
~ videography
~ creativity journals
~ paper calendars
~ book arts (again, not really new, but I’m starting a pretty awesome book arts program at MCBA in a few weeks)
~ cooking as many things as possible in my rice cooker



The blog has been a little bit quiet lately. 

After an epically fun New Year’s Eve, I have spent most of this new year in quiet contemplation about what 2011 has in store.

Ok, really, I’ve been sick, and only getting to around 1/2 of the things on my to-do list, and honestly, writing a blog post just kept getting shoved to the bottom. I’m still a bit under the weather, but things are perking up around here. 

In exciting news, I was invited to be part of the Minnesota Center for Book Art‘s Parts of a Whole: New Work by MCBA’s Artist Community! I am honored to be considered part of their Artist Community! The opening reception will be Friday, February 18th. I hope you can make it! More details will be sent out on that as they come. I’m expecting it to be a wonderful show. MCBA has so many talented, amazing artists, and I can only imagine how amazing this show will be! 

I will be displaying my piece Population Density in that show. After choosing it, I was honestly a little worried. This is a quieter piece that some of my compilations. It is more analog. I can’t say what made me choose it. I did get a lot of good feed back on that piece when I had it at the Book Arts Festival at MCBA this winter, so I know it will get a good reception. But as to what made me decide to put that in instead of a compilation? I don’t know. Maybe just the desire to feel like the black and whites fit into my series better than they maybe do. Maybe just wanting to show I can do more than play in Photoshop? Either way, I hope people like it! It is one of my favorite images.

Moving on to other things. 

I won a new camera at John’s company’s Holiday party! It is a Canon Rebel T2i! Woo hoo! It is shiny! I am very excited about the video capabilities of it most of all right now. I have the privilege of working with a very good friend on a video project this spring, and I am planning on using this new camera for most of the video recording. It has been awhile since I have worked in the video world (ok, since college really), but I have always enjoyed it, and I can’t think of anything better than working on a project with another creative friend. So, here we go! Jump with both feet!

The 365 cell phone photo project kind of fell by the wayside when I got sick. I’m thinking of starting over with a new 365 project starting in February. Not sure what it will be though. Details will be posted here when I have them!

In the mean time, I am trying to get into a creative groove – one where I spend more time creating and less time organizing things in my studio. Where I am actually making things. That will come, I’m sure, once I start feeling just a bit better and having a bit more energy. Maybe tomorrow will be that day.


Until next time,

New year day one:


5 things I’m grateful for today (and a bit from last night since the two days have really blended together!)

1. For friends in general, and especially those who know how to make a radio antenna from a beer can and champagne cork cover

2. For a new year to start fresh with

3. For my family and husband who always help new with my studio cleaning and rearranging

4. That I am not normal and don’t have to pretend that I am normal.

5. The feeling of how awesome and comfortable your own bed is which you can only feel after spending a night sleeping on a sofa bed ;)

Happy new years!