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And the weekend comes to an end (Website re-design coming soon!)

It has been an up and down weekend filled with waitressing shifts, a family photo shoot, quite a bit of time spent on the couch processing photos and re-designing my website, and ending with a trip through The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement. Whew! I am steadily working on getting artwork done for all of the upcoming shows. I think I am more organized this time than I ever have been. I’m hoping that continues! I admit I was in a bit of a funk for the first half of today, missing friends and feeling overwhelmed. A few Facebook messages and a visit from a couple of friends while I was at work made things seem much better. I’m ready to take on another day tomorrow! I have been working with my *webmaster* to re-design my website a bit. You may notice a few changes here and there. More are on the way though! (Hopefully soon!)

I’m off to bed with the steampunk novel I’m hooked on. Until next time,


Yesterday was filled with artwork work. I managed to finish printing a bunch of new images to hang up at Art Attack next weekend (after much fighting with my new printer!), I helped get the next batch of pottery ready for glazing, and I finished up the letterpress prints that are due tonight. I am grateful that tonight is my last night of letterpress class – I have really enjoyed it, and have gotten a chance to use the Vandercook more, and get used to one that not as many artists at MCBA use, but I am ready to have one less thing on my plate. There will be a post coming soon of my print though!

Tomorrow will be an artwork work day as well, filled with images to process, artwork to frame, and all sorts of other bits that need to be done and finished up. Tonight though, will be a bit slower, and I’m going to enjoy it.

In the mean time, some instant photos I took at the apple orchard last month are here:




Now introducing Blog Bunny


There are many times that this blog gets neglected because I am too busy to write. Today is really one of those times.

So, let me introduce you to Blog Bunny!
This is Dewey. She and her older pal Ping will keep you entertained on this blog while I am off losing my mind trying to meet a deadline.


*Upcoming posts: typesetting, broadsides, and Art Arttack!

Until next time,

Just a little “Squee-ing”

I have had about 8 different blog posts planned out.

You may see some of them eventually.

In the mean time, this little bit of brain-gear-stripping news trumps those posts.

Yesterday when I went into MCBA's shop to buy more paper (I think I may now be purchasing more film and paper than food) I found out from Flora (she is awesome and works in the shop a lot) that one of my books was purchased by the Hennepin County Library curator for their collection!!

This is awesome because:
1. I never knew the Hennepin County Library had a collection of artist books. They do. Apparently quite a large one. I believe you need to make an appointment to see it, but I am not positive. There will be details posted on that as soon as I get them!

2. Someone purchased one of my books!!

3. It is just awesome!

Thank you for allowing me that little moment of "Squee-ing"  with excitement over this. I am now going to go back to creating artwork for all of the other events that are coming up that require my attention. There will be more posting here too. I also may actually get some images of my book up on my website soon as well.

One last little note:
Yes, I did re-design my blog a bit. Any comments are very welcome. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but overall, this is how it will be for awhile. Changes to my Big Cartel shop page are coming soon. Eventually, my webmaster may find a smidge of time and work on some awesome changes I have planned for my website. I hate nagging him. (It wouldn't hurt though, my dear readers, if you were to feel inclined to send him a short email saying "hey, you should work on Jes' website!" or something like that. I won't post his email address here, most of you know it already I'm sure).

Until next time,

Work in progress


Pretty soon their will be a “brain dump” kind of post on here describing everything I have been working on, day dreaming about, and feeling lately. It is over due, buy it will have to wait just a little while longer. Right now I am looking at this … a stack of books, ready for book cloth, ready for their cover paper, and ready to see the world beyond my kitchen table. I’m pretty determined to finish them tonight. We’ll see how far I get!

A letter to the person who smashed my car window today:

To the person who smashed the window on my Beetle today,

Yes, you took my backpack. The first bag I have bought that I have actually used for more than a year. I’m sure you have already found the awesome things that were in there – mostly the journal that I made myself in a really great class at MCBA, that I carried with me through Japan collecting stamps in. Also, the set of pens, my favortie to write with, that were given to me by my granny when I graduated from school. Yes, there was an iPad in there. A first gen one that had the nice rounded corners bent in when I dropped it where I work while reading on it. The best part about it is actually the case it is in, handmade by a really awesome friend of mine.

Really, what you stole today was nothing valuable in a money sense. Just valuable in the sense that those things showed a small bit of the awesomeness that surrounds me, of my great friends, of my wonderful family, and some of the wonderful experiences of my life that I wrote about in that journal. Perhaps that is what you really needed – a bit of amazingness in your life. In the end, they are just things. Special things, yes, but still just things. I still have a ton of amazingness in my life, I still have all of those amazing people. You can’t take that away from me.


To the police officer who came to write the report,

Thank you for being kind.

Thank you for not asking if my little purple and yellow Volkswagen Beetle was a “Vikings Car”

Thank you for not saying “this is what happens when people leave their bags in their cars”

Thank you for being sympathetic.

Thank you for saying that while most times things aren’t recovered, you would still keep your eyes open for a green Duluth Pack backpack with a fuzzy skull patch on it.

Most of all, thank you for coming fast, and being kind.