Jes Lee

Half way

This weekend I managed to pass the half-way point for the ink jet printing portion of the book I am working on. Each day gets me a little closer to the next step.

Between marathon printing sessions, I did have an excellent weekend including time spent at the Antiquarian Book Festival, time spent floating on a river with friends (and a chance to try out a waterproof 35mm camera!), a delicious brunch with my family to celebrate an upcoming event, and a little time spent seeing what new things is growing in my yard.

Back to the regularly scheduled week to come.






It was one of those days where things kept happening and deadlines for amazing things kept getting set (and seeming much closer than they should be) and before long it was afternoon and my head was spinning.

But, thankfully, I stopped long enough today to have a spontaneous lunch date with John, I stopped to take a photo of the tree tops, and I biked to and back home from a great class I taught. It was fun teaching people who were genuinely interested in what I had to teach. And it was very calming biking home at dusk by the train yards.

It has taken me a long time of going to yoga to realize how important of a gift time and space can be, and that gift can come in the form of a yoga class, or bike ride, or just a few minutes of looking at the clouds. I’m learning, and I am listening.



Today was busy, between work at the library, book printing, and prepping for my class tomorrow night. I didn’t stop working for very long at all today…until now. Time for sleep.

Between all the tasks today, I did notice that my day lilies are opening.

It is the little things…

….that I am grateful for today.
Clean laundry, neighbors that offer to trade a few plants, art museums, visits with friends, farmer’s market trips with my dad, yoga, and evening walks through our neighborhood. I am grateful to have these privileges in my life.

Some of my favorite photos from my film 365 project have come from evening walks by our house. Many of those are of the train tracks that run near by. Tonight’s walk was no different. I need to develop film soon…..


Certain days just feel so completely….Monday

Today did not start out as something I would describe as a “Monday”. Today (a Monday in fact) became a day I would describe as a “Monday” around 2:30 when a series of unfortunate circumstances led me to trying desperately to make it to my favorite Monday afternoon yoga class on time. My car died on the way to that class. I do not have many photographs on interesting and beautiful things from today. But I do have one more photo taken from the drivers seat of my car as my dad tows it behind his truck. (In case you are curious, I do in fact have a collection of these photos.)

These things happen. It will all get sorted out eventually.

In other Monday news, the pile of printed pages of my book is slowly gaining on the pile of unprinted pages. Almost equal…..


Here’s to long weekends…

…that end with a little time on a calm lake. I don’t remember the water being this high for quite awhile. All of our usual picnic sandy beaches are deep under water right now. We improvised with a floating picnic this time.

Tomorrow I will be back to book printing. It was nice to spend some weekend time away from projects though. I believe I needed that.



I can’t show you how pink the sky and clouds looked this evening as we drove home, me on the scooter, John on his motorcycle. I can’t show you how the city lights looked from the bridge at twilight. I can’t show you how the road sped past us, or how the fields and old barns looked. I can’t show you any of those moments, because there were no photographs right then, only me being present. (Also I really can’t drive and take a photo….especially while driving a scooter) Some bits are meant to be photographed, and others only lived.

Calm before the next storm

The river was high today, but more calm than I expected this morning. I have completed my series of river photos for my book, but I can’t seem to stop taking them as I walk across the bridge on my way to the library each week.

Tonight I took my camera out under the trees by our house. This one is a favorite of mine. As I took this photo, I could feel a few tiny rain drops on my arms. More storms are coming.