Jes Lee

Season changes and artwork challenges

It has been a bit quiet around here again.

That is due mostly to the fact that I have been very busy printing book pages, and planning artwork for my show.

2013-03-19 20.28.41

After a few long days of printing on the etching presses at MCBA, I am two print runs away from being finished with one book.

I also took a class to learn photo-polymer-graveur! This is something I have been wanting to learn about for some time. It is just one in a series of old photography printing techniques that has been adapted a bit to modern technologies.

2013-03-23 15.07.39


2013-03-30 15.34.15


It was amazing! I’m really excited to work with this process more.

The seasons are shifting, and suddenly there seems to be more photo jobs than time. I’m not complaining though! Each job is fun and full of amazing people and opportunities! However, I will admit to wishing there was a fairy around at times to help with the work load…but who hasn’t done that once in awhile?! ;)

Mostly I have just been my moody, contemplative little self lately, contemplating how I fit into the grand scheme of the artwork I’m working on and how I could manage to cram a few extra hours into each day. Upcoming deadlines, projects, and that another birthday is sneaking up on me…around 12 weeks away as my mom recently reminded me…maybe I’ll skip that one this year!

In the morning it will be April, and just like always I look at the new month and think positive thoughts. Tomorrow marks National Poetry Month and for the first time I am going to attempt at participating! While I have written quite a bit for my project, I need a better writing practice, and I am continuing to search for what that means to me. Perhaps a poem a day will be it. I am not planning on blogging what I write each day, but maybe I will. You never know. Right now I am more obsessed with what notebook/sketchbook/iPhone/Android/laptop/pens/pencils/handwriting style I will use for this writing…this could be why my writing practice is not very well structured…I’m too focused on what toys to write with! Ha!

For now, I am off to get a bit of sleep before a full day of work tomorrow. Happy Spring!




It is late, but I finally finished the box for my class! The box has compartments that pull out on each side. Closed, it shows one photo. Open, it shows three photos. The photos were taken with Impossible Project Black Frame PX600 Silver Shade instant film. I’m not positive, but I think this took me around 20 hours to finish…





printing and gluing, printing and gluing…

….that seems like all I have done the last few days, with a bit of waitressing, and one day of skiing with John thrown in for a bit of variety.

It is Tuesday night, and it already feels like it has been a long week. Yesterday was divided pretty evenly between working my day job and working on a project for my box making class.

2013-03-11 20.29.51

Today I spent the day printing on one of the sweet little etching presses at MCBA. I had John drop me off on his way to work, and pick me up on his way home. I printed the entire time I was there (except for some time spent trying to tame a plate with a “rebellious spirit” – named that by my friend Erin), and a bit of time for lunch. I am learning this new printing process quite well, and I’m sure I will be able to print in my sleep by the time I am done with this project. I’m heading back to their studios Thursday for another full day of printing.

2013-03-12 09.55.11


Tomorrow will be another day full of my day job, and more work on my box in the evening.

2013-03-12 20.26.59

I love what I am doing. And there is something amazing about turning off the computer, and other social media things, putting on head phones, and cranking out prints. Much like being back in the darkroom in college. This is a lot of work, and this show that is going up in June is a big challenge for me. I know I have said that before, and I have a few friends that I’m sure think I’m a broken record or something. But the work I am creating for this is a lot different from what I have done before. It is challenging me in a lot of good ways! But it is a long process.

So, one day at a time, breaking down each big project part into little parts and working on those one by one, step by step,…

…and looking forward to the weekend, just a bit!

2013-03-09 13.28.47

In my head

I admit it has gotten a bit quiet again around my blog.

I haven’t gone anywhere. I have just been working hard on my project, which has included a lot of non-visual not-very-exciting prep work, but things are moving a long smoothly. I have done a lot of research and writing as well.

I admit that I have also been sucked into a really good book and I have often been spending every quiet moment reading “just one more page” instead of updating things here. I’m not apologizing for that though! Perhaps I will post a little book review of it here later, just to make up for being quiet ;)

Things in my personal world have been a bit whirl-wind-ish lately as well, which is really nothing new. That always tends to make me a bit more introspective and into journaling more than blog posting. Ho hum. Enough excuses.

We are having a gorgeous snow storm today! The kind that makes you want to curl up and read from a warm couch where you can watch the flakes swirl down! The kind that makes you start planning skiing and outdoor wintery activities later in the week. The kind that makes you start clearing schedules….

…..or is that just me?

Maybe I’ll be inspired to post some snow photos later. For now, I’ll be here, reading and sketching and daydreaming.

2013-03-03 21.34.05