Jes Lee

A confession

I have a confession to make.

I am a terrible procrastinator.

There. I said it.

So many beautiful pictures from our trip have ben sitting on my desktop, not getting the attention they deserve, nor getting worked into new artwork like they should be.

No more.

I promise.

You have it in writing.

That said, here is a few pictures from film scanned in from our trip. All taken with my lovely Mamiya C330.


Taken with a Mamiya C330 Narita

Out our hotel window in Narita, Japan just before leaving to come home.

Taken with a Mamiya C330 Narita

Narita, Japan out our hotel window, just before we came home.

photo taken with a Mamiya C330 Osaka

Osaka, Japan, during one of our crazy day trips with my friend :)

The Big Let Down

Not really a let down so much really. The first art festival of the season is over. In two days we talked to many people, sold a lot of artwork, and generally had a great time despite the indecisive weather.  Now that all of the festival preperations are over, it is time to get back to work.

Monday I spent the day happily sorting through the thousands of pictures I took on our trip to Japan…until Adobe Bridge crashed on me…3 times. Ugh! It was then that I decided to heed the advice of one of my fellow Twitter-ers and try out Adobe Lightroom.  So far, I am impressed. It hasn’t crashed on me yet. I might be converted on that fact alone (it really doesn’t take that much!). I really appreciate the ability to tag photos and the zillions of ways to sort them. I’m hoping that the ‘Collection’ feature will help me sort through photos for more ‘Digital Dreams of Life‘ work. If there is anyone reading this who uses Lightroom on a regular basis and has any awesome tips, please send them my way! I’m still a rookie at this!

Besides playing around with Lightroom and sorting through lots of photos, I have been working hard on some new images that will end up as layers in the Digital Dreams project. I’ve been thinking lately while looking through previous work I have made in this series, that there is a lack of humanity in them. Meaning: I don’t take pictures of people if I can help it. This was a challenge when I was photographing our Japan trip, but I was relatively successful. So, my new challenge – take more pictures of people, including some portraits, and most likely a series of self portraits. I have studied Diane Arbus‘ work for years, and am looking through some of Ruth Bernhard‘s currently as well for starters. Any others I should check out?


Work in progress and questions

I’ve been brainstorming a lot lately about work to add to my project for BAC. There are many things swimming through my head right now for me to sort out.

For you, anyone who happens to be reading this can help me out by replying and answering this question:

When you hear someone talking about ‘The Wired’ or ‘The Web (or interwebs)’ or ‘Being plugged in’ what do you think of visually?

Really, this isn’t as complicated as I suppose it can sound. Perhaps you think of an outlet with a cord plugged in. Perhaps you think of power lines stretching through a city. There are no wrong answers. I’m just curious.

Thank you in advance!

For your troubles, here is a peek at a work in progress I started the last week of April. This is still odd for me; I don’t usually show things until I know they are done. But, this could be a fun habit.

Work in progress. Compilation of two pictures I took in Japan. Created April, 2009


I have a goal of making a new blog post each week. Keep checking back!