Jes Lee

2010 – new things

Well, not too many new things. I have enough of the other things to work on. 

2010 has started out with a bang! This week I assisted a very fun friend in what turned out to be a very fun head-shot session at a local law firm. I think it ended up to be much more fun than either of us expected. 

A short list of what I learned from our two days of working together:

*setting up a backdrop

*using flashes and strobe lights and gels to make the backdrop colored instead of just white

*lawyers can be fun

*my Mamiya and my Hasselblad hook up to my strobe lights

*gels are much easier to use than I thought

*never underestimate the power of using the manual settings on your camera!!! 

I also happened to encounter a couple of amazing windows throughout the days of working, and I just happened to have a camera with me (who would have thought of that!)

The window in my friend's studio at the Northrup King Building

The setting sunlight and the reflections through the window in the office downtown on the 37th floor that we were using as a photo studio. 

Here's to amazing jobs, and an awesome new year!

Happy 2010!