Jes Lee

Often in the dark

I have been spending a lot of time in the darkroom. 

Honestly, it feels good to be back in there. There is something about it. Something so basic. This will sound cheesy, but it is kind of like coming back home after a very long vacation. I'm printing on Ilford Fiber paper, which honestly, when your prints are good (and I mean pretty perfect tone wise!) it looks gorgeous! I love it! A friend, and excellent photographer, Cate Vermeland once described it as a moody paper. I have never heard a more fitting description.

I've been spending quite a bit of time in my own darkroom printing some traditional black and white photos that will go in my show in September. I'll post more about which ones soon.

Last week I also assisted a very good friend, and my former professor, Laura Migliorino, at Anoka Ramsey Community College while she was teaching the pinhole photography class. We had a blast! 

I'm planning on spending quite a bit more time today in my darkroom as well. We'll see what I get printed!

The rest of the last few weeks, I have been finishing up processing photos from a sweet little photo shoot I did for a friend.

Here is little Miss Anna!

You can see more from that photo shoot here.

And of course there was this fun little photo shoot with my Little Guy that I just finished as well. Little people are so much fun!

You can see more of those photos here.


Until next time,